Repairing a Simoreg DC Drive

Dave stripping down the Simoreg DC drive
When the drive arrived Dave stripped it down to clean it

Last week we had an urgent repair for a Siemens Simoreg DC DriveĀ arrive at our repair centre. The customer told us the drive had blown up.

As soon as the drive arrived we carried out some checks and established that one of the thyristor modules was short circuiting. We knew that these thyristors could be on a long lead time so we got them on order straightaway.

In the meantime Dave, one of our engineers, stripped the unit down and cleaned it out as it had an inch thick layer of dust. He also checked over the power supply and control cards, servicing them and saving the customer’s parameters.

Next we repaired the fan as the bearings had worn before replacing the thyristor modules which had arrived. We programmed the drive with our parameters to run our motor and ensure the drive was working. The last job was to put the customer’s parameters back in and get it back to them.

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