Bad Jobs Cured by Automation

Some people think that a negative side to automation is the reduction of jobs for actual humans. But this isn’t always such a bad thing. Below are some jobs that are downright boring or horribly disgusting, that we’re pretty sure no one misses.

Pump Deragging

Pump Deragging

Without going into too much disgusting detail, pump deragging is the act of removing all the dirty rags and other blockages from pumps found at waste water plants. Traditionally when this happens some poor soul, or a team of them, have to manually clear out all the blockages. Now thanks to Intelligent Pump Control from Control Techniques, pump deragging can become a thing of the past, or a much rarer occurrence at the very least.

Labelling Apples

At one time a person, or set of people, would have to sit there all day with one sole task – sticking on those little labels that you find on your apples. I imagine this would be so mind-numbingly boring that the mere sight of a Granny Smith or Royal Gala would send you insane. Thankfully labelling machines were invented.

Waste Sorting

Thanks to automation some elements of waste sorting in waste disposal plants are now automated. Where our waste typically ended up dumped on smelly landfill sites and left to damage the environment, now we have automation to help with the recycling of our waste.

Can you think of any more repetitive or smelly jobs cured by automation?

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