Calculate Your Energy Efficiency with Danfoss

With the newly launched Danfoss VLT® ecoSmart tool, you can  calculate your energy efficiency class and part load loss of your frequency converters. What’s more, it’s completely free of charge and easy to use.

Head to the Danfoss ecoSmart tool to begin calculating efficiency.

VLT® ecoSmart has many functions. With VLT® ecoSmart you can: 

• Look up standard part load loss data for Danfoss frequency converters
• Enter any application-specific part load points. VLT® ecoSmart calculates the efficiency class and part load data
• Calculate efficiency class for a frequency converter
• Calculate efficiency class for a motor-frequency converter system
• Create a report documenting part load loss data and IE or IES efficiency class
• Export the part load data points for use in your own system

You can find out more information about ecoSmart here.

Do you currently calculate the energy efficiency of your frequency converters? We’d love to know what methods you currently employ.

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