Go wireless with Danfoss!


Danfoss has gone wireless! Many Danfoss drives from the VLT family are now available with a new HMI module. When used with the MyDrive® Connect app, the VLT Wireless Communication panel LCP 103 can perform commissioning, operation, monitoring and maintenance tasks from your smart device or tablet, free to download on IOS and Android.
The app is designed to benefit applications where the keypad is too difficult to access, such as hoists, lifts and cranes. It also eliminates the inconvenience of having to carry around a control panel to monitor and configure drives.

The LCP 103 shows the drive status to inform you of warnings, alarms and the wifi connectivity through LEDs. You can then access detailed information by using the MyDrive® Connect app through your smart device. On the app you can view status messages, startup menus and alarm/warning events. Not only that, over time the performance of your drive is logged on the app and is shown in graphs. Every manufacturer’s nightmare is downtime but with the LCP 103 you receive real-time error messages via the app, meaning engineers can respond quickly to issues and reduce downtime.

You can store copies of the drive parameters in both the internal memory of the VLT Wireless Communication Panel LCP 103 and your smart device itself. In order to make it easier to provide relevant support for troubleshooting, all log details can be shared from your MyDrive® Connect app. In the case of the driving crashing/connection loss from the app to drive, safe control parameter allows the user to decide the performance of the drive.

The VLT Wireless Communication panel LCP 103 is compatible with the VLT AutomationDrive FC 302, VLT AQUA Drive FC 202, VLT Lift Drive LD 302 as well as the VLT HVAC Drive FC 102. For any Danfoss enquiries please contact our sales team on [email protected]

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