Danfoss Oldest Drives Competition – Enter and Win!

It’s the 25th anniversary for both the Danfoss VLT family and the Vacon brand.

To celebrate this remarkable double milestone, Danfoss are looking for the oldest drive of theirs that’s still in service.

The Company owning the oldest working product of each brand entered in the competition will be awarded a £500 gift voucher for a popular online retailer. Awards will also be made for the oldest drives in specific product ranges such as VLT® 3000, 5000, 6000 and VACON® V10, CX, NXL, etc. to find the oldest in each class!

How to enter and win £500

To enter the competition and find the oldest Danfoss/Vacon drives, please email [email protected] and give brief details of the drive you think has the best chance of winning including the model of the drive and how long it’s been in service. If it looks like your drive could be a winner, Danfoss will contact you for further information.

Entries must be submitted by the 4th March 2019 and the winners will be announced on the 18th March 2019!

*Please note, entrants’ details will be shared with Danfoss Ltd who are running the competition

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