Introducing Denisa & Isabell

This month we have further expanded the Northern Industrial team with Isabell, who joins us an Account Manager to look after existing customers and build relationships with new ones, and also Denisa, who is here on an internship from UCLAN to help us translate into another language.

DenisaDenisa has joined us for the next few months to help us translate the new website into the language of her home country, Slovakia! Since moving to England in June 2015, she has fallen in love with British culture and even says that there are attractive men over here! Denisa has been doing her MA at UCLAN in English Language at a Business Level and spends a lot of time studying. When she’s not studying, she likes the play guitar, read and watch TV shows, learn and experience new cultures, and also has a little Yorkshire Terrier.

IsabellIsabell is originally from Bergen in Norway but came to the UK three years ago to study at Northumbria University where she was doing History and English Literature. She currently lives locally with her boyfriend and also has her sister over in the UK who lives in Newcastle. Isabell is a dog lover with two pups, an Alsatian and a Schnauzer, who get lots of likes on Instagram. Whilst with us, Isabell will be part of our sales team as an Internal Account Manager and will also be translating our website into several languages.

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