Northern Industrial Provides DC Drive Upgrade for Packaging Company

Over the Easter bank holiday weekend, our site engineer Ben went to visit a packaging company who were having ongoing issues with one of their machines. With this company doing work for major supermarkets and other huge online retailers, it was important that we got them up and running as soon as possible. 

Intermittent failures were interrupting production and therefore costing the company time and money. Ben discovered that the faults were coming from the DC drive as well as the motor which was being overhauled over the weekend. He made the decision to replace the drive whilst the motor was also offline. As the original DC drive was obsolete and difficult to obtain, and would have prolonged downtime further, the best option was to upgrade the DC drive with a modern equivalent.

We upgraded the original DC drive to a Control Techniques Mentor MP series. This is an ideal retrofit choice when upgrading drives made by other manufacturers as it’s flexible, powerful and designed to maximise motor performance. Not only this, but the Mentor MP enhances system reliability, which was ideal for this customer to keep their production line up and running with ease. Following a successful test run of the machine, once the motor had been installed, full production was resumed.

Due to the current situation with COVID-19, we made sure that all government guidelines were followed to ensure the safety of everyone involved.

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