Northern Industrial Ship to New Horizons

Punaauia French Polynesia - The newest place we've shipped our parts to

Having shipped our automation spares and repairs to over 120 of the world’s countries, we tend to get a little bit excited when we despatch our parts to somewhere new.

At the end of September we shipped six refurbished Mitsubishi PLC modules out to a customer in Punaauia in French Polynesia. The customer had found us online and got in touch as he needed them urgently. With the products in our stock we were able to service and test them with our Mitsubishi PLC test rigs before shipping them express to French Polynesia.

If you’re sat in an office in the UK with rain dripping down your windows and you’ve had to come to work in your winter coat today like me, I would advise against googling any more images of Punaauia!

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