Selecting the Right AC Drive

Installing the drive

There are so many options when it comes to selecting an AC drive that it can be difficult to know which is best for you. Not only is there hundreds of brands to choose from but there are also a multitude of types as well as communication and control options available to confuse the user. Here we have set out a handy selection guide to steer you in the right direction when it comes to selecting a brand new AC drive.

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Settling into Our New Home

In April we moved to a brand new location better equipped to provide automation parts and repairs. One of the best things about the new place is Sat Navs take you right to our front door so we no longer have lost customers ringing us up for directions! And we have a nice new fancy sign. We even managed to capture a picture for you on a day when it wasn’t raining.

Northern Industrial building

How Pepsi is Made in Hawaii

In our first video we look at how industrial automation is used in the production of Pepsi. This is great video of the Pepsi production factory in Hawaii. If you look carefully you can spot a few Allen Bradley Panelview monitors (we only usually see broken touchscreens). So kick off your shoes, pour a glass of Pepsi & Jack Daniels and look at how industrial automation helps deliver a great tasting drink.

Welcome To Our New Website

Welcome to the new Northern Industrial website. We’ve launched to offer you the largest possible selection of new and refurbished factory automation spares and repairs.  On the new site you can find prices for over 200,000 parts, news on the latest automation innovations and general automation tips & hints.

We want something spectacular to celebrate the launch, something to rival the London 2012 opening but we ended up with a video of our sales director burning down a Christmas tree.  Hope you enjoy!

* David would like to point out that no accelerant  was used in the making of this video.