Please welcome Hayden and Donovan

Hayden is our new apprentice engineers. Hayden lives locally with his dad and their cat Molly. In his spare time Hayden enjoys going to watch football as well as racing RC cars. He says his best achievement was placing 5th best in the whole country for RC car racing in the F3 category. When he’s not at work or enjoying the football he likes to unwind by watching his favourite TV show, Gotham, or jamming out to Green Day.

Donovan is also joining us as an apprentice engineer. Donovan lives with his family, dog Scooby and their three cats. He says his greatest achievement was completing a 35 mile charity bike ride all the way from Great Harwood to Blackpool, not only did he do it once he then did the whole thing again in reverse a few years later! Donovan says his favorite film is Step Brothers or when he’s in the mood to binge watch, it has to be Brooklyn 99.

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