Please Welcome Kieran and Cori

KieranKieran has joined us as an engineering apprentice! After finishing school Kieran decided he wanted to pursue engineering and that an apprenticeship was the route for him. He currently lives locally with his family and their dog Sam as well as their pet cats! In his free time Kieran enjoys going to the gym as well as playing the drums and his favorite film to watch is ‘Den Of Thieves’. He said his best holiday experience was when he went to Orlando in America where he had plenty of opportunities to enjoy his favorite food; the good old chicken burger.

CoriCori is also a new engineering apprentice! Cori has joined us to learn from our electrical engineering team and help with repairs and testing of parts. He spends his spare time focusing on his interest for BMX and motorbikes when he’s not living it up at music festivals.  Cori said his favorite experience was Leeds fest in 2015 but after going four years in a row he’s decided to give it a miss next year! His favorite film is ‘The Wolf of Wall Street’ and his favorite food is perfectly cooked medium-rare steak.

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