Please welcome Stephen and Tanzeel, our newest electronic engineers!

Also joining us earlier this month, Stephen moved back all the way from Queensland, Australia where he lived for 10 years and owned his own business. He has recently moved back to Longridge with his family before he buys a house. When Stephen isn’t at work he does a lot of programming, enjoys going on walks and going to the pub when he’s got time! When Stephen was younger he enjoyed travelling and has been to many places including around Europe and Israel.


Tanzeel joined us earlier this month, before working at Northern Industrial he worked as a maintenance engineer at YK Services. Living locally in Blackburn with his parents and cat, Max, he also studied Electrical Engineering at the University Centre in Blackburn. Not only does he work with electronics, Tanzeel enjoys messing around with electronics and building things at home, he’s also a dab hand with a needle and thread! He said his proudest moment has to be when he helped an old woman get her car keys when they fell down a grate! Like anyone, Tanzeel loves going on holiday, his favourite place so far is Germany.

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